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When a cataract has diminished your vision to the point your glasses no longer help you see what you need for your normal life's activities, enjoyment, reading, driving, or safety, it is time for cataract removal. Sometimes that is your depth perception for driving, and only your family complains, or you have been scraping curbs while parking.

Vision correction can only be achieved by replacing the cataract [clouded natural lens] with a clear artificial intra-ocular implant lens. In order to accomplish that feat with SAFETY and EFFICIENCY, we require multiple tests to assure the internal health of your eye and the health of the cornea and the cornea's lubricants. If the lubricants have too high an osmolarity, or inflammatory oils , as measured by advanced technology tests in the office, your eye will not heal perfectly well and may even suffer an unwanted complication. We can treat those abnormalities for a few weeks to restore the cornea's lubricants to normal, then move forward with the rest of the measurements that ensure successful surgical results for over 99% of patients.

We will need to know things such as corneal curvature, contour regularity, thickness, chamber depth, lens thickness, axial length of eye, eye symmetry, corneal scars, retinal scars. You may have choices of implant lenses to reduce your dependence on eyeglasses after surgery, called advanced technology lenses. We do not use old technology [discount] implant lenses that do not add depth of field to your vision [a photographic term], but some people have so much astigmatism, they need an extra investment to see well at all. Yet others prefer the convenience of having an implant with bifocal-like properties giving them some reading abilities. But, none of these options, to date, is quite as perfect as a perfect set of eyes would have been. Most patients with cataracts in both eyes, have the two eyes operated on within one month of each other.

To learn more about Cataracts, visit eyeSmart.org.

Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery with LenSx® laser by Alcon® has been added to our practice. With the patented soft-touch docking system and optical coherent tomography guidance for precision at every stage, the LenSx® laser is used in more cataract surgeries worldwide than any other femtosecond laser. This option enables great reduction of mechanical and thermal manipulation to eyes during cataract surgery and enables more precise correction of astigmatism than ever before. Ask about this option for your cataract treatment and astigmatism reduction. Visit the LenSx website to learn more.

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