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Floaters and Flashes

Floaters and Flashes are common as the eye ages, but will often signify that there is a break in the retina, and that can lead to loss of vision from the retina detaching like wet wall-paper. We can examine and treat most small breaks before vision is damaged, and will work with a team of world renowned sub-specialists if detachment has begun to restore your retina to its proper position.

To learn more about Floaters and Flashes, visit eyeSmart.org.

Laser Dissolution of Floaters

LASER dissolution of floaters is here at Yasgur Eye Associates. The ELLEX Laser corporation developed a Q-switched laser for this procedure over a 10 year period, and the FDA gave its approval. We can now dissolve those large shadows and clumps from the middle of your vision with an office procedure that has an impressive NO-HARM safety record. Dr.Yasgur has now performed dozens successfully, with NO HARM DONE.

Learn more about this procedure and see educational videos at the Ellex Website.

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