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Open and narrow angle, pigmented and exfoliative, toxic, drug related, and traumatic: early diagnosis is revolutionized by OCT imaging of nerves inside the retina, before vision becomes damaged. The Visual Field test is still used, but now, if abnormal, represents a more ADVANCED disease state that can be avoided.

When the most common forms of glaucoma are detected, in this country, the patient has multiple choices for treatment. Eye drops are available, with preservatives, and preservative-free, brand name, and generic. We have a problem with many generics because the precise dosage varies between batches and the preservatives are often too strong for many eyes.

The most common modern treatment has become a cool laser called SLT, which activates biological cells that are failing in the eye. It is often only needed once every couple of years, [unlike eye drops which have to be applied once or twice a day, every day]. Eye drops are often forgotten, while the re-activated cells in the eye never forget their job! All of us who use these lasers [over 15,000 of us now] have seen optic nerves heal from glaucoma damage, vision improve, and redness go away. Almost all insurances cover the SLT treatments. They are less expensive than most glaucoma medication treatment, if you need more than one bottle.

To learn more about Glaucoma, visit eyeSmart.org.

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